old man and 2 sacks

this, i’ve got few years ago on my email, and i’d once again like to thank chtank for this.
this is a small story about keeping a positive attitude and being optimistic.
many times, we hear discouraging words from others, bad remarks and so on, but if we could filter them out, life is full of appreciation and happyness.
please read and comment 🙂

old man and 2 sacks.

One day a traveler met an old man who was carrying two sacks. One was suspended from his neck in front and the other was strapped to his back.  
“What have you here?” asked the traveler.  “Let me see the content of your sacks.”

“I shall be glad to do so,” replied the old man, “for I have a goodly assortment.  The sack which I carry in front is filled with good reports and good
deeds of others. Whatever I hear or see of good that others do, I put into this bag and carry it where I can often look upon them.”

“Your sack seems to be very full. It must be quite a burden,” said the traveler.

“There you are mistaken,” said the other. “Though the sack is so full, it is not heavy. Far from being a burden, it helps me onward like sails to a ship.”

“And what do you put into the sack which you carry on your back?” asked the traveler.

“All the evil I learn of others I put in there,” said the old man.  “So that it will be out of my sight.”

“It appears to be empty,” said the traveler, as he examined the sack more closely, “and no wonder, for there is a hole in the bottom.”

“I made it there on purpose,” responded the old man, “so that the evil I hear will fall out and be lost.  Then it cannot weigh me down or pull me back.”

This story reminds us how we can forget the evil done to us, whether real or imagined, and how we can go forward by thinking of the good in people.

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One Response to old man and 2 sacks

  1. nikita says:

    wonderful illustration of such a true,simple fact

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