The cat in a night light.

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life’s good, and vacations are going to be over.
since i’ve to shift to a new place, internet connectivity is unsure, but i’ll try to at least be able to connect so as to post here.

anyways, personal life apart, lets get on to today’s post.

today’s post is about the love, care and freedom.
it is the known fact, that no1 can bound or force the love, infact, more you give freedom, faith and understanding to this relation, more it strengthens.
following is the story of a cat and his owner who understood that love can not be preserved, bounded or can be forcefully obtained, its a naturel relation, which grows on its own.

” if your love leaves you, let it go.
if it comes back, it is your’s if it dont, then it was never your’s ”

The Cat in a Night Light

On a warm August day, a dainty little cat named Dolores was receiving a special award: the American Humane Association’s William O. Stillman award for
bravery. The association gives the award to people who risk their lives to save animals from danger, and to animals who face down danger to save the lives
of people. Either way, the winners are heroes, whether they’re take charge, fearless sorts of people, or extroverted, devoted pets like Dolores.

Dolores hadn’t always been an extrovert. And she hadn’t seemed very devoted to anyone, either. In fact, she’d been what most people call the quiet type.
When she first came to live with her owner, Kyle, Dolores rarely had anything to say. And most of the time, she didn’t like being touched.

Kyle didn’t know why Dolores was so standoffish. And he didn’t understand something else about her: why she always became upset whenever the lights were
turned out. But Kyle didn’t care. Something about the cat’s quiet, unassuming manner appealed to him. So, at night, he just left all the lights on in the
apartment where he and Dolores lived, even when it was time to go to sleep. And if Dolores wanted to keep her distance — well, he could respect that.
Maybe, if he was patient, Dolores would someday decide to come to him, to talk to him, to be friends.

So for the next year, Kyle loved Dolores for exactly who she was. He let her keep her distance, and he didn’t ask for more than she could give.

Then, one May evening, everything changed. The night started like any other. And, at evening’s end, Kyle checked — as usual — to make sure all the lights
in his apartment were on. Then, he went to sleep.

Sometime later he woke with a start. Something was jumping on his head! Paws were scratching his face! And, when he opened his eyes, his apartment was
no longer brightly lit; instead it was filled with black smoke. But he could see who was doing the jumping and scratching: Dolores.

The little cat was all Kyle could see. But she was enough.

Together, the two made their way to the only available exit from the apartment — the back door. Kyle felt his way along the walls. At the same time, he
felt for Dolores with his feet and followed her. Finally, the pair reached the back door. Kyle pulled on the knob to open the door, only to have the knob
fall off into his hand. The door remained firmly shut.

Making his way to the door had taken every bit of strength and oxygen Kyle had, and he collapsed to the floor. But, once again, he felt those insistent
paws scratching his face. Kyle mustered his last bit of strength to hurl himself against the door, break it down and run outside to fresh air and safety.
Once there, he looked around for the cat who’d saved his life.

She wasn’t there.

With sickening clarity, Kyle realized that Dolores was still inside the apartment. He ran to one of the firefighters.

“My cat’s still inside my apartment!” he exclaimed. “Can you find her?”

The firefighter promised to try.

Now all Kyle could do was wait. He knew Dolores’s chances weren’t good, but still — maybe, just maybe, she would be found alive.

An hour or so later, the firefighters brought the blaze under control. And one firefighter brought Kyle a bundle wrapped in a towel. Kyle held his breath.
Inside the bundle was Dolores — eyes seared shut, hair singed, but alive.

The firefighter explained that Dolores had collapsed just inside the door and that a fireman had stumbled on her when he entered the apartment. After removing
her from the apartment, paramedics gave the cat CPR and oxygen before bringing her to Kyle.

The fire changed Kyle’s life dramatically. He’d lost all his clothes, furniture and other possessions, and had to go live with his mother for awhile. His
cat had changed, too.

The once quiet Dolores was now a talker who meowed and purred almost constantly. Even more surprising was her new desire to be touched and cuddled — preferably
while she was lying on Kyle’s lap.

Now, just four months later, Dolores was being recognized for her bravery. But Kyle knew he’d gotten a bigger prize. He’s never asked for more than Dolores
could give — and then found she was willing to give him everything she had.

author — Susan McCullough

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2 Responses to The cat in a night light.

  1. vinod benjamin says:

    It remembers of my pet dog named Leo who was with me for 16 years, passed away last week, pets are wonderful creachers created by god.

  2. nikita says:

    and cats
    hmm 🙂
    ye article to main miss kar diya tha

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