The helmet of love.

following is a very heart touching story which shows what true love exactly is.
love is not about winning hearts, getting hold of some1, keep bounded to them, but it is about putting once happiness before yours.
it is about giving freedom and keeping full trust that the other person will never misuse it.
it is about keeping faith and show understanding.

more tightly you hold onto your love, more soon you’ll loos grip over it.
love, easier to say, harder to do, and hardest to maintain.

the helmet of love.

following is the story of 2 real lovers.
although the relationship was very new, but the love was eternal.

it is the story of a guy named robin and a girl named rose.
robin, a typical guy, loves technology, bikes, speed, challenges, adventures and above all, his only princes, rose.

rose, she was a typical girl. composed, calm, understanding, and more then a lover, best friend of robin.
she would listen to him no matter how big or small his problem was, and often helps him in finding the solution for it.

once, robin and rose went for a ride on robin’s new bike.
he was so happy about this bike, and he wanted to take that first ride on his new bike with his own princes.
his reaction was obvious, he have spent so much time for that bike, his hard earned money was all got used up in modifying and making that bike the best in the town.

they both was driving and rose felt that the speed of the bike was slightly above the normal so she asked robin to slow down.
he replied, say that you love me and i’ll slow down.
she, said with her full heart ” i love you robin. and i’ll always do ”
he said, could you please where my helmet? its getting foggy and i cant see through it.
and since it is night, my clear vision is fairly important.
she did as robin said, and soon they got into a big accident.

the boy died right on the spot, but because of the helmet, the girl only had severe injuries, but survived.

the girl blamed the boy for the speed, for not using helmet while driving, and the local news paper accused the boy of rash driving., and said that guy was the 1 responsible for girl’s injuries.

at this point, most of the readers would assume that the girl, and peoples was right, and infact, they was right up to a point, but not exactly.

the boy, from heaven saw and was very disappointed and sad.
not because the world doesn’t seems to understand, but even his love of life, even his princes rose thinks it was his mistake.

actually, soon after the ride, boy figured out that the brakes of the bike had failed.
he tried every possible way to get the bike back into control, but, nun of his efforts worked.
at last, he because of his true love wanted to save the girl and so he handed her the helmet.
and because he wanted to die peacefully, he asked the girl to say her last ” i love you ”

the boys 1 last wish, although seems pretty normal, but his love for rose was enormous, and because of his true love, rose was alive.

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One Response to The helmet of love.

  1. angel says:

    dis is it..i thot it wud be something difficult but see only u can tthink such things
    do u think the gal lived hapily ever after?
    if its actually true love i dont think so
    may be its the guy who fells ki rose misunderstands him..
    may be he doesnt knows what actually he feels

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