Who is to be blamed?

contributed by moomal
i’d like to thank her from my side, and also on behalf of all readers 🙂

before reading forward,
i’d like to inform readers that this, small poem is not to offence particular age group, it is all about stopping blaming each other, and come forward, and encourage others, to make this society a better, and more peaceful place to live 🙂
read on, and feel free to comment

Who is to be blamed? 

We read it in the paper and hear it on the air,

Of killing and stealing and crime everywhere.

We sigh and we say as we noticed the trend,

This young generation, where will it end?

But can we be sure that its their fault alone?

Are we less guilty, who place in their way,

Too many things that lead them astray?

Too much money, too much ideal time,

Too many movies of passion and crime. 

Too many books not fit to be read,

Too much evil in what they hear said.

Too many children encouraged to roam,

Too many parents who wont stay home.

Kids dont make the movies, they dont write the books,

They dont paint the pictures of gangsters and crooks.

They dont make the liquor, they dont run the bars,

They dont change the laws,
they dont make the speedlimit braking cars. 

They dont make the drugs that muddle the brain,

Thats all done by older folks,eager for gain.

Delinquent teenagers, oh how we condemn,

The sin of the nation and blame it on them.

Instead of placing, lets fix the cause,

Remember as we look inside and pause.

That in so many cases its said but its true,

The little delinquent fits older folks too! 

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3 Responses to Who is to be blamed?

  1. very true…. i have just wrote one on the same idea (not as nice though…), you can read it here – http://utopianfragments.wordpress.com/2008/12/16/schizophrenic-society/


    we always follow our elders

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