this post, explains the importance of implementation of the knowledge you already have acquired.

the unused knowledge is as good as not having knowledge at all.
the nature follows the law of ” use it, or loos it.”

i, therefore, urges all the readers to this blog that please do not just read the posts, comment on it, find it good and interesting, but never implement it in your own daily schedule

i’m not recommending you read on and change your self over a night, but please do take small steps and those small steps can, and will help you to climb up to the new, desired hights.

please read, and implement whatever you find suitable in your own life. — not just this post, but whatever nice you read here, or anywhere in future.

best of luck 🙂


By Peter Murphy

Do You Have a Ph.D. in Success?

Many people become success experts and never have much

Why does this happen?

Because many people get caught in the trap of learning but
never applying what they learn.

If you have read a few of the classic books on success you
already know 90% of what it takes to succeed on a massive
scale in life.

You already know what to do and why to do it.

In fact, there is nothing whatsoever stopping you from
being happier, more successful and more content than you
have ever been.

Why then are you not already living the life of your dreams?

Because you have acquired a Ph.D. in success rather than a
successful life. You have confused knowing what to do with
actually doing it.

And you have incorrectly assumed that when you understand
the strategies of success that you will automatically be
successful. This is not how it works.

— You only know what you can do —

From now on you might like to use this statement as the way
you measure your progress. This will stop you from
confusing knowledge with the implementation of that

You truly know something only when you can do it – not when
you can only describe how to do it.

A Ph.D. in success is easy to acquire but worth very
little. On the other hand the sincere application of those
very same principles and strategies can transform the
quality of your life very quickly.

All you need to do is unlock your personal motivation
blueprint – when you know what motivates you and how to
stay motivated your life will change.

You will have become one of the winners in life.
those people who apply time tested success principles.

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2 Responses to Ph.D IN SUCCESS

  1. angel says:



    nice post n i always try to implement good things in my life which i read from ur posts or from anywhere else

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