The Golden Buddha

The Golden Buddha

This is a story about a Buddha statue.
This statue of Buddha of clay reached almost three meters in height. During generations it had been considered sacred
by the inhabitants of the place.  

 One day, due to the growth of the city, they decided to translate it to a more appropriate site. This delicate task was assigned to a recognized monk,
who, after planning carefully, started his mission. His luck was so bad that, when moving the statue, this one slipped and fell, cracking in various parts.

 Regretful, the monk and his team decided to spend the night meditating over the alternatives. They were long, dark and rainy hours. The monk, instead of
despairing, focused in finding a way out. Suddenly, when observing the cracked sculpture, he realized that the light of his candle reflected through the
cracks of the statue. He thought that they were drops of rain. He drew near the crack and observed that behind the clay there was something, but he was
not sure what.

 He consulted his colleagues and decided to take a risk that looked like a madness. He asked for a hammer and started to break the clay, discovering that
below it was hidden the Buddha of solid gold of almost three meters of height. During centuries this beautiful treasure had been covered by ordinary clay.
Historians found proofs that demonstrated that, at one time, the town was going to be attacked by bandits. The residents, to protect their treasure, covered
it with clay to make it look common and ordinary. The town was attacked and sacked, but the Buddha was ignored by the bandits. Afterwards, the survivors
thought that was better to continue hiding it behind the clay.

 Over time, people started to think that the Golden Buddha was a legend or an invention of the old ones.
Until, finally, all forgot the true treasure because
they thought that something so beautiful could not be true.

 Our treasures are our capacity to give, enjoy, give thanks, laugh, forgive, dream big, go over trivials and value in oneself and in others what is really

Risk to see your life through the clay and you will realize that you are a treasure of riches.

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  1. angel says:

    simply wow !! 🙂



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