The best advice I ever got.

The best advice I ever got

author: Mike Litman

I was reading a recent edition of Forbes Magazine and the theme was
“the best advice I ever got” and I want to share one story with you.  

The magazine was interviewing billionaire Richard Branson, the founder of
Virgin Atlantic Airways, and he said something very interesting.  

Talking about his mentor, Freddie Laker, Branson said:

“At the time, I was running a little record company; I was about 17 years old.
The first time I met him was some years later. I was thinking about setting up my
own airline.  

He gave me this advice: ‘You’ll never have the advertising power to
outsell British Airways. You are going to have to get out there and use yourself.
Make a fool of yourself. Otherwise you won’t survive’.”  

Many people ask me, they say, “Mike, what are some tips on how to be successful?”

I want to share one with you that was very tough for me; I still struggle with it today
at times, but I’ve had my share of victories as well.  

If you re-read the quote above from Richard Branson, you’ll see that his mentor
gave him the advice of “Make a fool out of yourself.” I want to say it a different way
to you.  

I’ll say it this way:  

You’re not going to unleash your greatness and reach your financial goals if you don’t


To do something great you must first be uncomfortable.  

Uncomfortable always comes before comfortable.  

Michael Dell, Tiger Woods, Warren Buffet, Julia Roberts all stretched themselves
a ton, they took risks, and they had the COURAGE to persevere.  

Here’s the good news.  

You don’t need to stretch yourself 100%, 50% or even 25%.  

This is what you need to do today.

Stretch yourself 1%. Yes, that’s it!  

Ask yourself:  

What is one action that I know I need to do today, but that is uncomfortable and
tough for me to do?  

DO IT!  

Is it prospecting, public speaking, asking for a raise? Whatever it is, stretch yourself
and GO FOR IT.  

I believe in you and it’s time you ‘knock the ball out of the park’ and live your dreams.  

Richard Branson was scared also, he had a ton of fears and probably still does
to this day.  

He just made the DECISION to go for it and now he’s one of the wealthiest people
in the world.  

Give yourself the gift of stretching yourself 1% today.  

You’ll love yourself for it.  

Mike Litman

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