Ego kills.

hello all! ( yeah, i know havent talked with my readers in a while and i’m seriously sorry for that. apologies.

since today my internals are over, and finals starting in around less then 10 days, before i get even more busy, i just thought i’ll drop a word and at least say ” hello world! ” ( the first program you will ever make if ever you think to do a c programming. )

strange enough, i have no idea why, how, and from where the technology always enters into the conversations, but they just do, and i don’t seem to improve on that particular field, let’s just drop that topic of ” why m i such a nerd? ” and continue with today’s post.

well, hold on, before we get started, there is 1, important announcement i’d like to make here.

the 1 of most interesting event i’ve been following on-line is,

strange is the name, and even more strange is the adventure!

a man, trying to travel as far as possible for charity with the help of unknown online friends over a social website,

please visit. to read more and, if you cant help much, just please. spread the word.

okay, seriously. back to the original topic of today’s post, which is kindly contributed by an online friend, moomal ( to whom i’d like to thank on behalf of all readers. )

Ego kills

There was once a learned scientist.

After a lot of practice and efforts, he developed a formula and learned the art of reproducing himself. He did it so perfectly that it was impossible to

the reproduction from the original.

One day while doing his research, he realized

that the Angel of Death was searching for him.

In order to remain immortal he reproduced a

dozen copies of himself. The reproduction was so meticulous that all of them looked exactly like him.

Now when this Angel of Death came down, he was at a loss to know which of the thirteen before him was the original scientist, and confused, he left them
all alone and returned back to heaven.

But, not for long,

for being an expert in human nature,

the Angel came up with a clever idea.

He said to the scientist addressing all thirteen of them, “Sir, you must be a genius to have succeeded

in making such perfect reproduction formula of yourself. However, I have discovered a flaw in your work, just one tiny little flaw.

The scientist immediately jumped out and

shouted, Impossible! where is the flaw?”

“Right here” said the Angel, as he picked up the scientist from among the reproductions

 and carried him off.  

The whole purpose of the scientist and his formula

of reproduction failed as he could not control his pride and lost his life.

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    well truly said pride is a disaster

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