Greetings readers 🙂

soon my finals are going to start, and hence, the blog will be in a temporarily updating lag, your cooperation is highly solicited.

the regular postings will resume after 22 April.

please stay in touch and do check back in, whenever i get time, i’ll be posting it here.

following lines are just my thoughts on the subject “life. ” so small yet so deep to understand, and honestly, no1 can define what it is.

because, every1 have unique characteristics, logical reasoning, and prospective.

still, despite of its dynamic nature, here are lines that describes what “life” means to me.

comments, are like always, welcomed 🙂


Life is a gift without any returns expected.

Life is flower that shines, then withers and falls off.

Life is a beauty that lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Life is a religion that requires reverence, confidence and devotion.

Life is a river which flows away and then dries out.

Life is color of excitement, shadows of remorse, repentance of guilt,
tides of moods and situations.

Life is a book- every page revealing a new meaning to it.

Life is a lesson, precise, short and tempting.

Life is a candle which is dim enough to conceal unnecessary and what
is beyond faculty; It sways with the gust of difficulty, rekindles and
then extinguishes one day.

Life is a dove- white and clear, peaceful and sacred.

Life is also a pit of darkness, confusion, anger, sins and death.

Life is a curtain which swings with the blow of experiences, then
folds up one day.

Life is a joke to be laughed at.

Life is a poem to be be-heartened.

Life is a forest to be explored.

Life is a pasture to be cultivated.

Life is a teacher.

Life is a tide that never returns.

Life is a glass which reflects what is given.

Life is a bed of thorns and roses.

Life is a phrase to be explained, understood, learnt.

Life is Wordsworth’s daffodil, life is Shakespeare’s love stories.

Life is your essays- that what you express.

Life is your speeches- its what you say; your thoughts because they
become actions; explanations- since you teach what you have learnt.

Life is words spoken. It’s sometimes the brightness of the sun and
then the colors of shadow.

Life is a food for a soul.

Life is gratefulness to God.

Life is learning what is right and wrong.

Life is a music that consoles.

Life is the love you give and take and behold.

Life is 10% how you make it, and 90% how you take it.

Life is what you want it to be.

Life is how you sees it, it is your prospective.

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    life is all about wht u want to make it, good 1 n if u r free then come to messenger

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