The Dark Candle.

The Dark Candle.

A man had a little daughter — an only and much-beloved child. He lived for her — she was his life. So when she became ill and her illness resisted the
efforts of the best obtainable physicians, he became like a man possessed, moving heaven and earth to bring about her restoration to health.

  His best efforts proved unavailing and the child died. The father was totally irreconcilable. He became a bitter recluse, shutting himself away from
his many friends and refusing every activity that might restore his poise and bring him back to his normal self. But one night he had a dream.

 He was in Heaven, and was witnessing a grand pageant of all the little child angels. They were marching in an apparently endless line past the Great White
Throne. Every white-robed angelic child carried a candle. He noticed that one child’s candle was not lighted. Then he saw that the child with the dark
candle was his own little girl. Rushing to her, while the pageant faltered, he seized her in his arms, caressed her tenderly, and then asked: “How is it,
darling that your candle alone is unlighted?” “Father, they often relight it, but your tears always put it out.”

 Just then he awoke from his dream. The lesson was crystal clear, and its effects were immediate. From that hour on he was not a recluse, but mingled freely
and cheerfully with his former friends and associates.

sometimes, when things doesn’t works the way you want them to work, don’t be sad, depressed or discouraged.

somethings are really not in our hands, and let god decide what’s best.

for the things that are in our hands, re-plan, and re create whatever is broken. your sadness, tiers and crying over a problem doesn’t makes it any better, once again, put betterefforts.

” to fell down is not a loss, but to refuse to get up, is. ”

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4 Responses to The Dark Candle.

  1. angel says:

    its so close to my heart.. 🙂 closer to u know..recently two deaths in my family..on occured today…and ur post..i mean.. 🙂



  3. vinod benjamin says:

    dear rucher,

    it was a fantastic posting, and it is motivating me very much,

    thank you,
    take care,


    hey ruchir howz u plz reply when u r going to post new articles, u told me tht u ll post on 15 may i m waiting n plz be in contact yaar MISS U.

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