The corner store.

hello readers and welcome again.

today’s post, may not best fit to the theme of this blog, because its neither inspiring,, motivating, nor it is encouraging.

but it does caries a very important message, and it does affects lives of so many peoples, and that’s why i thought i’d post it here.

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The Corner Store.

As he staggered down the street,
he was so alone,
He was desolate,
with no one to call his own.

The corner store about to close,
he had to get there fast,
Reason left him long ago,
his good life in the past.

Bill stumbled on the step,
as he walked inside the door,
The liquor counter filled the back,
of the corner store.

Bill was there to buy,
his nightly bottle of cheap wine,
Soon he’d be oblivious,
life would then be fine.

Remembering days gone by,
was more then he could bear,
Bill had been successful,
with a family in his care.

His son was only sixteen,
the day he passed away,
Bill started drinking alcohol,
to ease his pain that day.

The alcohol possessed him,
he couldn’t put it down,
Bill soon became well known,
as the drunk of that small town.

He couldn’t hold his job,
and he also lost his wife,
He lost all the good things,
as alcohol became his life.

Bill left the corner store,
brown paper bag in hand,
What happened to him next,
no one will understand.

He went into an alley,
he had no place else to go,
He silently began to cry,
for he had sunk so low.

Next morning in the alley,
there gathered a small crowd,
Everyone was whispering,
no one spoke out loud.

Empty bottle on the ground,
beside a lifeless heap,
The grim reaper paid a visit,
as Bill lay there fast asleep.

The lesson from this tragedy,
will shortly be forgot,
Big bottles of cheap wine,
will continue to be bought.

Bill’s battle has been lost,
for him there is no more,
Still there will be others,
heading for, … the corner store.

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9 Responses to The corner store.

  1. Ayesha says:

    awww so sweeeeeet :)!

  2. Reality of life 🙂 Nice work

  3. Zeeshan Khan says:

    What is it that makes people think getting drunk is OK? Is is the fact that you could be putting others lives in danger? Or is is that you’re slowly killing yourself, as this story shows? It is not what we say that defines us, nor is it how others see us. It’s what we do. Bill had a choice to make. Either he drown his sorrows after his son died, or he could’ve realized his wife is feeling just as much pain, if not more, and shou;d’ve taken care of her. What is it that makes people think getting drunk is OK?

  4. John Greer says:

    This is more a comment to a comment that was posted. There are those people that tend to take the not so good road to drown sorrow. In fact, how many homeless people have we actually said hello to instead of just telling others that we had. Even further, how many people such as was described in the story do we actually know on a personal level? Passing judgement on a persons character based on a single thing such as alcohol only shows how blind justice really is. So I ask all who read this comment. How many of you would actually help, opposed to how many would just write that they would? To the owner of this blog: I disagree, I think your post very much fits the theme of this blog. To me it seems to be about the life of you and others. The man in the story you posted is a person on this earth too, and we do all have our place in life.

  5. rellly cool! I am inspired!

  6. nikita19 says:

    Alcohol is bad !! 😀


    hey i m somewhat agree with JOHN view n really its truth of life tht those who sufers can only understand his own feelings but at d same time its important to have a right decision i know its difficult to do but every1 should try untill u get succeed. ITS ONE OF D BEST POST FROM UR BLOG RUCHIR PLZ KEEP POSTING , UR BLOG IS REALLY APPRECIATING.

  8. camille09 says:

    Thanks for inviting me to your blog. The story that the poem tells reminds me of my own uncle, who now depends on his sisters to take care of him as a result of his addiction to alcohol. His liver just can’t take anymore.

    Perhaps the man depicted in the story felt guilty for not being able to protect his sixteen year old? He was successful in his profession and that would mean less time for his family.

    Take care :0)

  9. Susan says:

    If you have never experienced a close relationship with an alcoholic, I can see where one would say, “How could they”? or “Why don’t they just do the right thing”? or “Don’t they see they are destroying their life and those of others”?

    Yet, if you were to experience a relationship… friend, relative, lover, spouse…with one who was an alcoholic, you would understand it for the sickness and addiction that it is.

    Does that person want to lose his wife? Does he want his life to go where it is going? Does he want to be normal?

    Yet, there are some who can win the battle of alcohol.

    For those that have or can, I sincerely give to you my greatest awe and respect.


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