hello and a very good evening to all my readers out there.

today’s post, is specially close to me.

it feels as if each and every word in this post is so very true.

i’ve lost my eye site at age of 2, but i’ve never lost my vision, determination and ability to take and achieve targets in life, and challenges.

i refuse to accept and agree with the word “disabled,” i hear that is ” differently able.”

hope you’d like the post and if you do, please consider forwarding it to others, to make others aware that, sometimes, some of humans among them are equally capable, they are just differently challenged


by: Leslie W. Ortega

Some say I am disabled,
     But you know that isn’t true.
I simply have a challenge,
     A little different from you.

My slight inconvenience has taught me,
     Things they could not know.
Each obstacle is a victory,
     Enabling me to grow.

I’m not really any different,
     I cry, I laugh, I snore.
I don’t want to be treated,
     As if I’m not a person anymore.

maybe Out of good intentions,
     People are afraid to let me try.
But sometimes I have to fall,
     And sometimes I need to cry.

God gives me strength and dignity,
     And the courage to be all I can be.
For He doesn’t see me as disabled,
     He just sees me as me.

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8 Responses to Challenged

  1. rmilana says:

    great post like always!

    remember “not disabillities but abillities”

    thanks for sharing this


  2. I enjoyed this post 🙂

  3. Govind says:

    Very optimistic poem indeed. I’m highly impressed by the insite that it tried to portray.

  4. angel says:

    🙂 nice expression !!



  6. I’m really touched by this post Ruchir and totally impressed by your optimism. Lovely post..keep it up! 🙂

  7. arun8gb says:

    Don’t be so hurt. And god bless with what u need.

    Small advice. Never take anything straight to heart! 😉

  8. Sid says:

    Very nicely written. Good job !

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