experience with CAT09!

hello and a warm greetings to all the readers. 🙂

normally, this blog acts as collection of various thoughtsand ideas, some of which are my own, and some of them caried or derived from internet.

this post, however talks about 1 of the most important event in my life, “entrance exam for IIM ” known as “CAT.”

IIM, is 1 of the leading management institution in india, and, to get admission, 1 has to go through somewhat tuff exam, which is basically common aptitude test.

the exam, mainly focuses on testing your presence of mind, logical reasoning and overall knowledge in subjects of mathematics, data interpretation, and english.

being in the category of differently able persons because of being visually challenged, according to IIM, i was allowed to bring scribe/writer with me.

he should be of lower qualification then me, and should not be appearing for CAT for this year, and next year.

i’ve been really working hard since last year for this examination, and fortunately, this year, the exam was changing its overall structure and pattern, and from a paper based objective test, it upgraded it self, and, news reads, “cat09 goes online!”

at first, i thought that they will let me use speech output softwares such as screen readers, and i will be able to give the exam on my own, but it turns out that still, there’s a time for extreme upgrades, and despite of the exam going on computers, i have to follow the traditional way, and arrange for scribe.

from going to bank, filling the application forum, getting scheduled for the exam, getting the admit card on email, the process was pretty easy, and everything just worked out to be perfect.

although arranging the perfect scribe, and establishing the coordination for exam is not that easy, and i’d really appreciate if in future such institutes like IIM provides screen readers or other software support enabling us to give the examination individually on our own.
luckily, i was able to find helpful and friendly scribe, and filled the scribe forum just a few days after submitting my own examination forum, and got the approval from IIM to bring him as my scribe.

and, finally, after so many days and nights of tiring studies, came the day when the exam was scheduled, 3rd December, 2009.

i chose the center to be gandhi nagar, amedabad, as it was nearest to udaipur, the place where i’m presently living for final year of my BCA.

reached the place well before time, and located the place where my exam center, Vishwakarma Government Engineering College was situated.

next was to find out nearest hotel, and book rooms for me, my scribe, and parents.

thanks to dad’s strong marketing network, rooms were booked well in advance in the nearest hotel.

the journey from udaipur to gandhinagar was overall good, but i was quiet for most of the time, as it was 1 of very important event of my life, and i wanted to perform at my best in it.

heck, couldn’t even sleep the night before the exam, scaring dreams and thoughts accompanied me the whole night.

at last, it was 6AM!
talked to nikita, 1 of my very good friend, got ready, and left for exam.

the exam time slot was fixed from 10 am, so had to check in the center at around 8 AM, and no late then 8:30 AM.

having near hotel helped for sure, and reached the center well on time.

the staff was really cooperative, got my and scribe’s documents checked and verified, and was allotted the workstation at around 8:30 AM.
my finger prints and picture was taken after a while, and the test begins.

as it was previously mentioned on IIM’s website, the timer started from 3 hours 30 mins instead of 2 hours 30 mins, as extra time is given to candidates who are appearing with their scribe.

now, the main thing, is the exam, which was not that hard overall.

attempted sufficient amount of questions from all 3 section, and the extra time was very well required.

i’m not disclosing any further specific detail of the exam as it is prohibited, but i can confidently say, that i can expect a good result.

tried my best, and gave the exam on satisfactory level.

the results will be declared on 22nd January, and i’ll definitely let you all know when it comes out.

i’d like to specially thank rajpal for being my scribe and for such a grate understanding and friendly support he gave me right from the preparation till the exam.

also, a big thank goes to my parents for supporting me in every possible way,
IMS udaipur for taking the responsibility of teaching me and trying various methods to make me grasp the concepts, and nikita for motivating me whenever i gave up or felt low, and many more peoples who were directly or indirectly involved in making me appear for CAT.

now, i’m off to take a well deserved brake, and relax for a while.
till i blog again, take care everybody! 🙂

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14 Responses to experience with CAT09!

  1. Saad says:

    Ruchir, I am confident that you’re going to ace the test and get in IIM. Hardwork always pays off. Wish you all the very best for your future endeavors, you’re such an inspiration to all of us.


  2. nikita says:

    LOl.. 😀 ye sab kya hai? wil discuss it on phone.. 😛 😀

  3. Srinivasu says:

    Great that you have done well. I’m sure you will get through. All the best.

    Yes we need to do something so that they allow assistive technologies.

  4. Ravi Handa says:

    Good to know that you did well. Keep us posted of the results. 🙂

  5. Ashwin Kumar says:

    Hey Ruchir,

    All the best for CAT results.

    God Bless you 🙂

    Take care.

    Let us know about your results

  6. Debprakash says:

    All the best. You really deserve it.Keep up the spirit!!!!!!!

  7. Soham Mondal says:

    Interesting post Ruchir, taking CAT is a very strenuous job these days, especially with the online exams, the crashes and what not, i hope they add some speech software support from next year onwards, i think its about time they did it. Anyway all the best, hoping to hear some good news on the 22nd of Jan =)

  8. Bhavya says:

    Thanks for sharing in ur CAT experience 🙂
    I wish u all the best for ur results


  9. Simon Jacob says:

    All the best Ruchir. If you get a call, you can chew my brains for sure. Simon

  10. nikita says:


  11. sudeep says:

    it is great…….i wish you all the best dear????????

  12. Vinay says:

    Hello Friend,
    i am completely speechless ater reading your blogs..what to say to you dear??????? I keep on crying what never haapened with me before it…..As my nature to not reply on any blog but i dont know why this time my heart not allow to do it so i want to share my life experience with you which i never realize to feel about to any one…….

    Lovely ruchir———first i would like to share my experience about CAT,,it was very much like yours but the only difference
    is that i didn’t go for scribe and 3 P.M timing of the exam.So i dont think to write so much about it…

    I want to write something different then others that is “when i start finding the college to get admision i got your blog and start reading but i didn’t care about your name.As i also belongs to yours category (differently able persons)…while reading your blog it seemed to me that how could it be possible that someone else had mentioned my feeling on this blog what actually happened with me”……

    Loveable ruchir—>>>
    You would think while reading my blog that what a stupid person is he! But the fact that as I have been mention earlier that I want to share something different with you….
    Ruchir I want to point out only one line which really hurt mea lot that “nikita for motivating me whenever i gave up or felt low”.. I want to say only one thing to you dear never give up and try to motivate to yourself to you dear,life is the game of chess played by two,one opponent and other is you…You have to go a long way where it’s very hard to find a true frind like NIKITA…For god shake if she would not be with you at any stage of life then you feel very lonely…..As reading your blog I am sure you are very emotinal which is good but friend never show it before anyone as you mentioned…God make you different to do things differently so dear stop showing your emotion and be as hard as god made you special ….

    I am not wishing you for your CAT but to congrats for getting a true friend which I never got……..”WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR LONG GOING FRIENDSHIP”

    For kind your information dear I am also student of BCA…….
    I am waiting for your reply my email address is vinay_vns07@yahoo.com..
    If I siad more which hurt you then sorry to you dear….

    Keep on smileing ever your life may not important to you but for others.


  13. sudeep says:


  14. Rajpal Singh says:

    Hello Bro..i am commenting for the first time on anyone’s blog..i don’t know how & what to write?? But i want to say one thing to you –
    All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.
    You are the day dreamer and i know you will achieve what you need…Thanx for taking me as ur scribe as if u haven’t selected me then i souldn’t have got the chance to meet a personality like who is a Real Champion,,Hats off to u…
    you have rocked in life till now nd will definitely rock it in future,,,my wishes r with u…
    Gd luck

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