gd/pi at SCMHRD

Hello and a very good evening to all my readers.

first, to all my well wishers, i’m still on earth, and still living a happy life, but just have been too busy with exams and projects, haven’t got enough time to write/edit/search a blog post for my audience.

today, i’m here to share my experience of my first interview at SCMHRD ( symbiosis center of management and human resource development.)

as most of you may know, i’ve appeared for cat, xat, and snap exams this year, getting call from 1 of top20 management institute was certainly very exciting for me.

with a bit of preparation for gd/pi, and hope to ace out the first interview, booked tickets and went to pune to attend the overall process on first feb.

everything was well organized, right from getting registration, to document verification, filling checklist, all was well explained and volunteers was always ready to help.

that gave a good start, but from here, things didn’t went as i’ve expected.

first, because i was listed as a ph( physically handicap ) candidate, i wasn’t suppose to clear the gd round, and was directly sent for personal interview.

maybe the management of SCMHRD was trying to be helpful, but no thanks.

we, differently able candidates believes in equal competition, and is ready to face equal challenges just like our sited companions.

i didn’t spoke anything at the venue since i didn’t wanted to act over smart and spoil my first life time opportunity, and stayed quiet.

then, i was sent to some other section where the senior management member ( name not disclosed for prevention of personal offence ) was taking the interview.

he looked at my CV, asked few questions, and was being positive so far.

but then, this is life, not a fairytale, where everything goes fine.

he told me that he prefers me to do 1 year job and then appear again.

he said, ” you do have a very good knowledge and i really appreciate that. but i’ve seen peoples like you who don’t have any work experience, terribly fails in first semester in most of the subjects. i believe you should come again next year. ”

i’m sorry, but i beg to differ.

” peoples like you?”
i didn’t expected such hasty,non logical generalization from such a senior management member of such a reputed management institute.

i’m really disappointed and depressed by such comment.

if other peoples, with enough knowledge and a willingness to do MBA can join as a fresher, why can’t i?

why discrimination and generalization?

now the results are due on 16th feb, and i’m not sure of what future have for me, but,incidences like this, hampers the feeling of equality, and d-motivates.

that’s all what i had to say for now.



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19 Responses to gd/pi at SCMHRD

  1. Aditya says:

    I hope you get through. All the best!

  2. Soham says:

    Yaar, I’ll cite the cliched “yeh zindagi hai” line to respond to ur post. Sahi me yaar this is life, you’ll find everything from wretched lowlife scum to angry frustrated losers that will try to stop and walk over you at every step of the way, they will make fun of you when u try to follow your dreams, they will ridicule your resolve and they will belittle your ambitions. It is your sacred *DUTY* to prove such farts wrong by achieving your every dream.
    So brother, dont be disappointed when you come across such losers, when such people test your resolve, it just means that you are on the right path. Believe in yourself and your dreams like I do and then victory is just a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’. Keep your head high like you always have!

  3. Hey dude i am dam sure you will get into much better institute than it. Take it easy and just try at other places. If any one rejects me like that i say to my self they are not blessed having me and it’s for you. I knew from accessindia and i heard a lot about you and your writings. So try some other place and just write to their institute heads explaining what has happened.

  4. Srinivasu says:

    i wonder why people don’t understand that world is changing and why they still look at disability? At the least, if you fail in your semister is your problem. Can that Senior Management guy be sure that every one clears whoever he offer admission?

    People need to change their mindset.

  5. I hope and pray for the best!

  6. Deepak says:

    Arey Ruchir,

    Dil chota mat karo.. Yeh Symbi Kya cheeez hain? My bro deserves the best! Say ‘All is well’ and try for a better college.. They don’t deserve You!!!


  7. Poonam says:

    Hey Ruchir, you did a great thing by writing about it. Never let few insensitive acts make you lose hope.

    Wish you all the best!

  8. Pal says:

    Dropped by your blog via Blogadda’s Saturday Picks. Must say, I am surprised SCMHRD treated you this way, as I am from the same institute too, and I thought much more highly of them. I do hope they make a fair judgement and take you in this year itself. And if they don’t then maybe its an indication that you are meant for better things 🙂 and its their loss!

  9. Sirisha says:

    Hi Ruchir,

    I would say onething: I am not sorry for watever has happened to you and would not console you for any such ‘worthless’ reason.

    I am sis of Satish(Raghav) and studying in Cambridge.All I want to say is: Life is all about meeting the right people,going to right places for opportunities and reaching your goals inspite of difficulties.

    I thot ‘Symbiosis’ was more into equal rights and would never let down a competant individual(my fault for jumping into such presumptions).

    I respect you for even thinking of preparing and writing CAT,supposedly the toughest exam in the world. I congratulate you for getting a call from a premiere institute(not any more) and trying to make your way through it.

    But if u are the guy who is undeterred and is not stoppable by any reasons when on journey to reach your goals; keep GOING .There are sensible places for education and work and we have so many people who are working to strike a balanced between all the individuals inspite of our differences( differently abled,cultures,countries etc). You should go to such universities or else,voice your concerns out bravely.

    I am sharing all this ‘gyan’ out of personal experiences encountered with and for my brother.I am frustated,mad and hate all such people(such as the senior mgmt member).My family had to face such people at every turn of life (worse–we had them at schools/colleges/ extended family/relatives and friends).

    ALL is not lost with just this exp.Just google for Javed Abidi (human rights activist) or even Sharath Dikshit( Cosmotologist who is paralyzed) and get inspired.

    Get up and get going!

    Please let us know how u r doing.

    Warm regards,


  10. maybe CAT is waiting for you!

  11. UMED & SADHANA says:

    Dear Ruchir

    We know you are genius and capable to differently .

    You had learnt to be positive and keep it your positive attitude in all the situation come across in life.

    I am confident that you will be selected in SCMHRD as well in CAT and get a chance to win the world.

    We are always with you.

    With Love.


  12. Haresh says:

    Such a comment from a person of his stature isn’t appreciated.

    Believe in yourself and don’t let anything demotivate you 😀

    It happens with everyone. People try to demoralize us.

    And do tell us about your result 😀

    Haresh (First year MBA – Sydenham (SIMSREE), Mumbai)

  13. Amol Naik says:

    Hey Pal! Great spirit. And I am sure you are the rarest of the people who ultimately make a differnce by just the sheer spirit of life, more than anything else.

    Its inspriing and motivating for all of us, so please keep on your fight to excel.

  14. nikita says:

    lol..!! i nvr commented on this.. :O but u know my opinions … so thats k..!!!

    but yes.. just one thing… slightly disagreeing with the 13 ppl above me.. i wud like to tell u… life is a fairytale.. its full of angels and devils… its u,,, who has to decide.whom out of the two will influence u or may be affect u more,, 😛

  15. Malathy says:

    This is something I have also heard. I feel this more about being a fresher than being physically challenged. many management institutes prefer to have students with some kind of work experience. Not that I agree with that preference.

    Anyway I wish you all the best…. and hope u get into a good management institute on your merit as you want it to be.



  16. Sumit Sarkar says:

    I am very sorry that he said like that to you.
    I hope everything goes well. Even if it doesn’t, you should not feel sad. Keep working hard. You can and I am sure you will achieve greater heights.

    Keep smiling 🙂

    Sumit Sarkar

  17. sourav says:

    Hi there,

    According to me, they did not mean whatever you understood. After attending many B-school interviews, I have understood that they say this because we are freshers and not because we were differently-able. Please try to get a broader perspective. I guess if that professor reads this blog, he’ll be sorry that you took it this way.

    Anyways, cheer up for the wonderful life ahead.


  18. Tariq says:

    gd/pi classes in Allahabad
    To get trained for gd/pi sessions one need to join Swiss school in Allahabad where students get trained under the guidance of our experts.

  19. Shrekha says:

    I read that you belong to the PH category. I belong to the DA category, and have my gd-pi this Feb. Can you please tell me if this category is excempted from the GD round? And the kind of question asked?
    Thank you.

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