Top of the tree

One day a group of boys,

Decided to have a race.

They chose to climb a great big tree,

And set off at a pace.

The rest of their friends gathered,

To see the boys at play.

They talked about it to themselves,

“Will they make it?” “No way!”

They called up to the children,

“You’ll never make it up that tree”.

But the boys just kept on climbing,

And said “just watch and you will see.”

But the others, how they shouted

And thought the boys tried to ignore.

They began to drop out one by one,

Another, another and then more.

But one boy kept on climbing,

And made it to the top of the tree.

He never lost faith but believed in himself,

And said “this won’t defeat me.”

The others were quite amazed,

At the squirrel at the top of the tree.

“How on earth did he do it?” they said,

“Well”, said one, “he’s completely deaf, you see.”

So the motto of this poem is,

You can reach the top of the tree.

Just don’t listen to what others say,

Just believe in yourself and you’ll see!!!

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4 Responses to Top of the tree

  1. rishabh says:

    awesome dude…

  2. Haresh says:

    An inspiring poem!

    Keep writing 😀


    very nice n quite inspiring n happy to see that u started ur blog updating weekly again

  4. angel...! says:

    umm… cool….. ! chalo ped pe chadenge..!

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