hi there.

i’m not very good on this ” self description ” thing, but still let’s give it a try.

by now, you most probably figured out that my name is ruchir falodiya.

i was born on November 19th, 1989.
and due to various factors involved, i’ve lost my eyesight at age of 1.

since then, with the help of screenReaders and other assistive technologies, i’ve never regretted living a life of differently able person ( whenever i’ve been provided equal opportunities, i’ve performed at my level best. )

and with the help of technology i’m expecting to even develop further.

i’ve always a keen interest in anything that relates to technology ( yeah, i’m a geek 😉 )

despite technology and music, i’m very fond of reading human psychology and philosophy ( thanks to my dad’s reading habits )

this blog, created way back in September 2008 was actually my first venture in the world of blogging, and due to continuous support and comments from friends, this blog is alive and is frequently updated.

lastly, i’d like to thank you for spending your valuable time for knowing a bit about me.

please, feel free to email me at


if in anyways i could be of some help to you, i’ll be glad for that opportunity.

i’d like to conclude this introduction post with my favorite lines,

” as long as for ever,
i’ll stay by your side.
i’ll be your companion,
your friend and your guide. ”

with regards,



7 Responses to About

  1. rmilana says:

    i love your blog,trully inspire with those positivities
    keep up the good work (^_^)

  2. ali360 says:

    Really awesome blog!!!

    and i must say u r true GEEK ~ Super tech geek

    Best of luck 🙂

  3. Angel says:

    @ali360 i don agreee with u!!!! he isnt awl a geek…!!!

  4. Hello Ruchir

    You and your efforts are remarkable!
    Keep it up and all the very best for your career as a programmer.

  5. Muhammad Hassaan Azhar says:

    Love you,god bless you.

  6. Muhammad Hassaan Azhar says:

    God is just,those who have eyes see killing and voilence everyday,you are well educated and intellectual who can sense all the emotions but you are lucky you are not tortured watching it with eyes,on a large scale Lord is Just and no wonder even the baby born in africa who lives a life no matter in what temperature,God bless him with a giggle that has all the joy other humans can never have,you cannot estimate the great power of…mmm ok the God,Raam,Rehman,Ishwar or whoever one wants to call.

  7. Excellent writing skill .. Your language is too good ..Keep writing .. Publish some articles on psychology and positive attitude …

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